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Secretary Wanted!
We are looking for a new club secretary. The role involves:
- Attending monthly committee meetings, taking minutes
- Dealing with any correspondence from the leagues or FA [and usually just forwarding it to the relevant manager]
Drop us a message if interested

We have fished two goals out of the stream this morning! And retrieved several advertising hoardings from across the site! BottesfordFC photo

After so much weather affected football, this is the first weekend the kitchen will be open on both days of the weekend for around three months. The club has lost a considerable amount of income from this...

Russ has continued to knife the pitches during the wet weather but we have hired a Vertidrain machine again from yesterday through to Monday. This will put 12" spikes in to the ground a few inches apart....

The pitches are still very wet but we will have 7 teams at Nottingham Road tomorrow, with 1 more at the village hall.
Sunday sees 5 teams at Nottingham Road and possibly 3 at the village hall.

Three Pilates classes a week at Bottesford FC! Please contact Becki for bookings.